logo gets a new skin!

comparison have been around now for a little over a year and we're going great guns! And we have you to thank!

So we've made some "small", but important improvements to the site.

  • New look!  Yup, completely new HTML5 + CSS3 based template
  • Cross-browser support! We're not biased against any browser! Woot!
  • Improved support for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphone
  • Improved content grouping and menu categorisation
  • Improved RSS News feeds
  • Improved Navigation
  • Added game-themed backgrounds
  • Updated modules and backend software
  • Faster loading website!
  • Lots more content!
  • Supporting more social APIs like Google+, Twitter, Facebook

We'd love some feedback - please comment and let us know what you think: good or bad!

Last modified onSunday, 20 January 2013 12:12
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