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It has been a great 6 years at but we are now moving to


All of our content has been migrated to PC Tech Reviews and is easier to both search and view on the updated platform.

We will be covering a wider range of products and content beyond the gaming focus of the last 6 years.


Soon this domain will be redirected so please remember that we haven't vanished - we've evolved to 



ViewSonic Brings Value to 24" Gaming

We have been using a 144Hz Viewsonic XG2401 and two 75Hz VX2457MHD monitors for about six months now. We started with all three monitors in a triple monitor configuration, rocking a massive 5760x1080 resolution which turned out to be epic for productivity and perhaps not as awesome for games due to the fisheye effect of the way many games are coded.

Switching To Ryzen For A Month

After completing our Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 reviews, we built a rig as a content creation workstation. We did this in conjunction with the In Win 509 and MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon reviews but I basically stopped using the X99/i7-5930K for a month and used the more cost effective Ryzen 7 1700 alternative instead.

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