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Reviewed: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

Ryzen is here and we've seen the number of AMD boards on the market increase exponentially with the new AM4 socket. Selecting one for your next AMD system is an important decision because the socket is likely to stick around for a while which means that you could be entering into a long-term relationship. MSI hasn't made selection easy with a massive choice of AM4 boards but we found the enthusiast gamer's sweet spot with the X370 Gaming Pro Carbon.


AMD Ryzen 5 1600X & 1500X - The Gamer's CPU

Ryzen 5 is pitched as the Gamer's CPU. Let's take a moment to look at the core needs of a gamer. Multiple cores are important but not as much as to an enthusiast; price and motherboard options are also key with regard to longevity, upgrades and connectivity for peripherals and potentially VR. Speed - single core performance is also important as many games are not optimised to take full advantage of multiple cores. Overclocking is on the list but it isn't a universal requirement.


Ryzen 7 1700 : Welcome Back AMD!

AMD's Ryzen CPU line-up has been one of the most anticipated technology product releases in a long time and yes it has been worth the wait. We were all wondering if Ryzen would stack up to AMD's hype and the collective hope of the community - thankfully, AMD has delivered their new platform in a move certain to disrupt the CPU market of 2017. The ageing AM3+ platform has lasted longer than it probably should have and the CPU market has seen a distinct lack of competition at the top end for at least the last 5 years.

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