Played: Dead Space 3

Those nightmarish Necromorphs are at it again in the latest in Dead Space franchise: Dead Space 3. We rejoin space-engineer Issac Clarke as he relives the nightmare of the first two face-biting episodes but this time on an icy world of Tau Volantis, in search of the "Marker Team" who went looking for a way to finally rid the universe of the Nercromorph nightmare. We take Dead Space 3 for a spin around the block to see if it lives up to the brilliance of the first two.


Hands on with Dishonored

Dishonered is a FPS action-adventure game published by the good folks at Bethesda Softworks and developed by the very talented people at Arkane Studios. Released back in October 2012 in Australia; and has been classified MA 15+ by the Australian classification board for Strong bloody violence.

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