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We're moving!

It has been a great 6 years at but we are now moving to


All of our content has been migrated to PC Tech Reviews and is easier to both search and view on the updated platform.

We will be covering a wider range of products and content beyond the gaming focus of the last 6 years.


Soon this domain will be redirected so please remember that we haven't vanished - we've evolved to 




PAX AUS 2016 - Overview

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Australia 2016 made us feel like kids in a lolly shop - with so much to see and do, it's hard to know where to start in our coverage so this article is the overview of the event. We will cover the tech awesomeness and the emerging games of greatness in other articles to follow shortly.


Optical Drives, who still uses them?

Optical Drives, who still uses them?


Okay so it holds more than a floppy disk but unless you burn music or DVD movies, who really uses optical storage these days? I used to archive files from my PC to DVD-R media. I went to recover a file recently and the disk wasn't readable in any of the 3 drives. Others in the batch were but not the one I wanted - isn't that usually the way?

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