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As opposed to the scripted benchmarks, subjective testing is where we try to execute the same passage of game play from a save game or checkpoint with FRAPS running to a log file. This is less reproducible and more prone to variation. The comparison between cards in this section means less than the true benchmarks but it provides a good indication of what you should expect when gaming with each card.

We also only graph the average frame rates but include the minimum and maximum in the tables for reference. Minimum and maximum frame rates can be misleading, especially on subjective type test runs.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

In this game play, we use the 'Arena' mode and benchmark a round 3 times, taking the average min, max and avg readings across all 3 runs. We do this because the runs are not typically that long. Despite its age, The Witcher 2 with the settings below really tests current graphics cards.

The graphics settings used were:
1920x1080, Texture Downscaling: High, Texture Memory Size (MB): Large, Shadow Quality: Ultra, Number of Shadowed Lights: Ultra, LOD Distance: Normal, Bloom: Enabled, Light Shafts: Enabled, Anti Aliasing: Enabled, Blur Effects: Enabled, Depth of Field - Gameplay: Enabled, Vignette: Enabled, Wet Surfaces Rain Effect: Enabled, SSAO: Enabled, Motion Blur: Enabled, Cinematic Depth of Field: Enabled, Depth of Field - Cutscenes: Enabled, Dangling Objects Limit: Disabled, Ubersampling: Enabled, Vertical Sync: Disabled, Decals: High Spec



MSI R9-270
Mini ITX Gaming
Gigabyte GTX580 Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

Min 26 25 23 29
Max 44 34 36 37
Avg 28 29 26.5 32

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a finicky game to use as a benchmark, even a subjective one as you will never see the same experience twice. We used the Firestorm map and tried to stay around the same capture point and not die (to avoid the respawning menu) when running the FRAPS benchmark.

The settings used were:
1920x1080, Ambient Occlusion: HBAO, AA Deferred: Off, AA Post High, Display Mode Full Screen, Effect Quality: High, Lighting Quality: High, Mesh Quality: High, Post-process Quality: High, Resolution Scale: 100, Terrain Settings: All High



MSI R9-270
Mini ITX Gaming
Gigabyte GTX580 Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

Min 80 39 75 76
Max 132 62 141 126
Avg 99 51 73 98


Not a new title but the newest of The Elder Scrolls series and still a very popular game we maxed Skyrim out but didn't use any texture packs so keep that in mind when looking at the readings below. Testing was done from a consistent save game outside during the day at 1920x1080



MSI R9-270
Mini ITX Gaming
Gigabyte GTX580 Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

Min 84 76 74 85
Max 127 181 122 164
Avg 108 105 90 110


Crysis 3 was tested outside in long grass using grenades and cloak mode in as consistent a fashion as possible.

The graphics settings were as follows:
AF: 16x, AA: 4x MSAA Medium, Display mode: Full Screen, All settings @ Very High, 1920x1080



MSI R9-270
Mini ITX Gaming
Gigabyte GTX580 Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

Min 25 18 24 25
Max 40 33 59 46
Avg 31 24 28.3 31

FarCry 3

Playing from a save game, starting at a checkpoint and moving around the buildings before blowing up a car with a grenade at the end of the benchmark run gave us the following statistics.

The Graphics settings were:
1920x1080, Window Mode: Full Screen, VSYNC: Off, GPU Max Buffered Frames: 1, Widescreen Letterbox: Off, DirectX 11, AA: 2xMSAA, Alpha to Coverage: Enhanced, SSAO Method: HBAO, Quality Settings: ULTRA (All maxed out)



MSI R9-270
Mini ITX Gaming
Gigabyte GTX580 Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

Min 22 38 23 49
Max 81 54 53 78
Avg 50.8 44 39.5 59


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