Bye Bye Battlefield 4 Beta

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Bye Bye BETA... The Battlefield 4 Beta has come and gone, leaving many of us heading back over to Battlefield 3 for the next couple of weeks until DICE roll out the full BF4 release.

The BF4 Beta was very encouraging in our eyes - unpolished and at times frustrating for sure, but the gameplay was a clear step forward from its predecessor. It's worth remembering that the Battlefield 3 Beta was also a little rough around the edges. Server disconnects/crashes, clunky hit registration and some interesting weapon balancing attributes were apparent in the BF3 Beta and addressed in the main release. DICE have a history of regular updates and fixes to maintain a level playing field and close out some dodgy exploits (like Recon riding MAVs to get to some crazy sniper spots and the infamous M26 DART).

We expect the same of Battlefield 4 in terms of the tweaking that will occur over the first 3 months post release but having played the Beta now, we also expect a more advanced starting point than we had with it's precedessor.

The things we liked about the Battlefield 4 Beta were:

  • The power of the RPGs
  • Zeroing of the scope, ranging and target marking for recon
  • Small ammo and health packs as a starting point for Assault and Support - needing to work up to the persistent larger packs is going to take some adjustment but will also make ammunition more valuable early on.
  • Tanks needing to manage their use of ammo more now that tanks appear to have a 'master reload' approach. Finding a spot and just hammering a position as fast as the gunner can reload might be a rarity now.
  • Elevators - This wasn't on the top of our wish list but hey, let's see how it plays out.
  • Environment destruction and crumbling cover
  • Counter knifing
  • Sound and atmosphere of combat
  • The promise of naval combat, jet skis and patrol boats

We are not sure about the use of the laser designator for standard RPGs but it does make vehicles a less safe place to wreak destruction from. Helicopters can still dominate but they are far from invincible.

Performance wise, it's too early to tell if our rigs will be crippled by the new Battlefield or if we will still be able to play with modest gaming setups.

Overall, the Battlefield 4 Beta was a great experience and we can't wait for the end of the month when the real deal is available to play.

We have linked a few you-tube videos below showing some footage and interesting moments during the Beta - please note that this isn't our gameplay nor are we affiliated with these you-tubers but if you like the videos, please consider subscribing to their channels.

Frankie (FRANKIEonPCin1080p)
Obliteration round with Frankie and Jack Frags (coarse language in comentary)

Another series of Obliteration rounds with Jack and Frankie (coarse language in comentary)

Random Fails and Glitches with Frankie

Robbaz Closed Beta Gameplay
(Obligatory warning, pretty strong coarse language and Swedish accent in the commentary - so don't say we didn't warn you)

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