Dead Space 3 Story Trailer

Co-op Action!

Are you ready to revisit the horror? Dead Space 3, due out in February, 2013, takes us back to the deadly fight against the Necromorphs and Unitologist faction soliders. A new and unique feature of Dead Space 3 allowsa full single player campaign or team up with a friend in co-operative play.

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Key Features of Dead Space 3

  • The action plays out in both indoors and outdoors on the icy world of Tau Volantis where players must overcome not only Necromorphs but avalanches, ice-climbs, through catacombs and dungeons. 
  • Scavenge raw materials and traverse trecherous paths to build up tools for survival
  • Team up in co-op play with new character: John Carver
  • Side missions that only Carver can unlock
  • Unravel the past story and explore the Dead Space lore to explain the origins of the Marker and the source of the Necromoph outbreak

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Additional Info

  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
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