Peter Farmer

Peter Farmer

Pete Farmer is the co-founder and co-editor to website: Current game: Dishonored

Website URL:

About was created and run by Personal Computer gaming freaks. We love PC games, we've always preferred PC games over all other platforms - we've been playing for years.


We're a small, yet dedicated team. Our news might be a little old, not bleeding or cutting to the nanosecond and our website might look immature but we put our heart and soul on the line to provide honest reviews.


This site was built using a combination of opensource and a small number of commerical tools and modules. Its by no-means perfect but we have to start somewhere. As we progress, we envisage our site will become more relevant and more refined - so stick with us and support us and we'll try an make it worthwhile


Best of all we're Aussie - and we created for the Aussie gaming community.


- team

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