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Peter Farmer

Pete Farmer is the co-founder and co-editor to website: Current game: Dishonored

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AMD rolls with Crystal Dynamics on new Tomb Raider

AMD and Crystal Dynamics Collaboration Thrusts Gamers into One of the Most Realistic PC Gaming Experiences Ever with the Launch of “Tomb Raider”

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced a collaboration with Crystal Dynamics™ following the launch of “Tomb Raider,” one of the most highly anticipated PC games of 2013, and part of the AMD Gaming Evolved program. AMD and Crystal Dynamics worked together extensively on the development of “Tomb Raider,” most notably with TressFX Hair, the world’s first in-game implementation of a real-time, per-strand hair physics system. This leading-edge technology imparts one of the most iconic video game characters, Lara Croft, with an astonishingly lifelike appearance. With AMD Radeon™ graphics, gamers can unleash the full potential of this next-generation technology.

Battlefield 3: End Game Launch Trailer

Battlefield 3: End Game delivers some of the most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps. Race through enemy lines using the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield, or fight back aerial assaults with new lightweight AA vehicles. Coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses in the return of the classic Capture The Flag game mode. In the skies, the new dropship introduces the ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports.

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